Friday, September 11, 2009

Coast of Carolina (SAD LETTER)


Hey, you.

I have decided to start naming my letters based on the song I am listening to when I start writing them. This trend may or may not continue.

I am, as usual, going to start off by replying to each of your last paragraphs.

Cupcakes are definitely squee-worthy. Although saying "I squeed a little" kind of sounds dirty. That being said, the Elian Script is a very nifty thing to learn, and I think we should indeed learn it to send each other secret notes. If you will recall, we spent a lot of time passing notes during your summer classes last June... I figure there's no reason I can't spend half your physics class writing three words this October.

Zemanta sidebar photo option update:

Cupcakes topped with frosting and gumpaste flowersImage via Wikipedia

Cupcakes. Lots of them.
The other photos are either cupcakes, ovens, or text documents about cupcakes.

Next order of business: The Weepies. You still haven't linked me to them. To be fair, I haven't reminded you either. I guess we've both been bad at that. I may not like them unless you provide reason to be otherwise... I only kind of liked Telekinesis until they made their appearance on the Montlake Cut. Which even Michael Benjamin Lerner admitted was freaking awesome. And a little bit adorable.

"It fills me with happiness, and makes me very happy!"

I am honored.

Moving right along...
Rapidash is pretty great. Collarbones are even better. As you may know mine is widely available to you upon request.

No Cars Go is a great song. Make sure it's on the Playlist.

Your knitting is awesome. Well, now it is. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Further, our lives are wildly exciting. Even though I got fired from my main job, I still have work keeping me occupied. Also, Passion Pit. (Zemanta hotlink to Myspace Music) We are going to freaking take that town.

On the topic of seeing Passion Pit live, I am super psyched. There is little more I think about on my down time than my next trip to Seattle... You know, it was like this in May too. You told me not to get my hopes up because you thought you would be a huge disappointment... See how that turned out?

Also, today is September 11th. All over the radio they've been talking about remembering what happened 8 years ago. I still remember where i was when I watched it all happen on the news... I was eating cold pineapple pizza, getting ready for choir practice. Yes, I was in choir when I was 10. I could sing back then.
Anyways, they are considering making another Memorial Day on 9/11. Like, a day off work. Most the people I talked to are against this, saying that disrupting our daily life was the exact goal of the events of that day.
What is kind of sad about this was that I was young when this happened. 10 years old. I was too young to really appreciate what a big deal it was. Now I don't really remember life before 9/11/01, and I've grown up used to a world where my nation is at a war nobody that makes the news thinks is important enough to keep fighting, but that we keep fighting anyway. I've been raised to respect soldiers, from a time when I was too young to know why.

But now I remember, and I know what it is I'm remembering.

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Right now, there are a lot of men I don't like. (our current side conversation is about one of them.) There are a lot of men that I'd like to go and smack. With a sword.

However, it is our choice as humans what we do to these men.
We have three options. We can leave them, we can kill them, or we can try to save them. But the good option is always so much work.

On that heavy subject, I'm going to leave you to cheer us all up.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009



Hey, you. So despite your polite but frequent reminders to write a letter, I have forgotten continuously for the past three weeks or so. Mea culpa. BUT MOVING ON! (I figure it's better to write an actual letter after all this time than write about how bad I feel about not writing letters).

That cupcake picture topping your last post made me squee a little when I opened the page. Especially because I can still read what it says. I love learning strange little things like the Elian script. That one has the bonus of being pretty and kind of useful. It would be excellent for passing secret notes. And that makes me sad that we aren't in high school together or something. How fun would that be? The answer, of course, is very fun.

I don't think I ever linked you to any of the Weepies like I said I should. Remind me to do that, because as we are clearly learning, I am forgetful and you are good at reminding me of things. I think we should keep that up. The Weepies are a cool band, but they're pretty sedate and folksy. Not really your sort of thing, but you occasionally surprise me with your tastes. I didn't expect you to like Telekinesis, for instance. And we all know how that turned out.

I am loving the Rapidash-riding sequel to Beauty and the Beast. I intend to keep that very much in our heads though. There's very little that can destroy my inner fantasies like a poorly-done Disney movie about them. Good thing Disney doesn't often make movies involving gratuitous amounts of collarbone...yet... Ahem.

Bringing up even more topics you've totally forgotten by now from your last letter: Arcade Fire! You kind of like them! Have you listened to them at all since the last time when you realized you don't totally hate them? Because you should. They are one of my more favorite bands. Listen to "No Cars Go". It makes me all happy inside.

I don't really have much else to talk about. I am sorry for that. I've spent my recent days attempting to learn how to knit and driving places with no real idea of where to go or what to do once I get there. But you know all about that, and there's not really much to say except that I need to find better things to do with my time. Maybe that means more (and less sucky) knitting!

And now while you nap (I break the fourth wall a lot in this blog, so I apologize to our dear reader(s)), I'm going to take a shower or some such. Truly we live very exciting, dramatic lives. Or maybe not, but most of the time I'm okay with that. I'm barely awake and quickly sliding off topic, so off I go.