Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rapidash, I Choose You!

Dear Kelly,

Hey, you.

So, my LoFiNoYoAbInPaMo novel is going well... I like all my characters, they all do what they're supposed to. Someone gets kidnapped at gunpoint by the third page, so I don't think I'm moving too slow (although this is all an intro). And... yeah, I'm way behind on words.

Aside from that, I'm gonna send you a standard letter.

First off, I'd like to discuss the value of Rapidash. Yes, the pokemon. this is SERIOUS BUSINESS. We spent a good deal of time talking about this already, and I'd like to state my case.

Now, in our earlier conversation, we mentioned how you can't get much more badass than a unicorn that is also on fire. This is mostly true. However, you have to evolve it from a Ponyta, or else find it in that crazy grass right outside of Fuschia City, and there's all sorts of nasty crap to deal with there (namely, an infestation of Fearows.) Ponyta doesn't evolve until lvl 40, which means you're stuck with slow stat gain until then. Usually, you've abandoned your unevolved pokemon by this point, and if you're smart you got a Charmander in the beginning anyways, so you don't NEED a Rapidash to begin with.

That is another point. In many other Pokemon games, such as Ruby/Sapphire, there are very few fire-type pokemon. For such reasons, fire-type starters are very valuable. However, in the original generation, the balance of pokemon was reasonable and there were plenty of fire types -- you could have Rapidash OR Ninetails, for example.

Ninetails is the reason Rapidash is not that awesome. It has 5 base stat points more, it can be evolved whenever you want it to, and besides, it's a FREAKING CURSED WOLF WITH NINE DAMNED TAILS. Screw flaming unicorns.

That being said, I move to my second point.
I saw lighting, coming from the street. Well, I did today, and it made me want to crank Telekinesis and play some Scrabble with you. It gets lonely here sometimes, with most of my friends constantly working at lamer jobs than I have.
On that topic, I start my new job on Friday. That is the day after tomorrow, for you all playing at home. It mildly freaks me out, because I'm afraid if I can't take enough initiative, I'm gonna get fired... and I --suck-- at taking initiative with no training.
Which I am getting no training. Guaaaah.
I don't know all the activities I'm supposed to do with the old people. I'm gonna need to get constant instruction from my supervisors, which makes me look like a needy child and a useless hire. That is no good.

I also cannot listen to music at work, which is very reasonable, but leads me to the other point I was intending to make:

More than half my music is yours. 2.58 out of 5 GB. Some of it is good -- Metric, The Thermals, Wolf Parade, So Many Dynamos; Some of it I don't like as much -- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Arcade Fire, and... I hate to say it... Andrew Bird. I'm sorry, I just don't like the music of your biggest celebrity crush. He's good, I recognize that, but it just isn't my cup of tea*.
However, it is nice that our tastes in music are just similar enough to have good discussion. If they were less similar, we'd just have our own music and have nothing to discuss; if they were the same, we couldn't disagree and debate like we do.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for tagging me in that facebook note. I think you're the first person besides my mom to tag me in one... which is kind of embarrassing... but yeah, I quite enjoyed pushing the chain mail onwards. I now have new knowledge of my own music, too! I even changed the instructions to make them more realistic. (Adding a "tag however many people you want" instead of "tag 12 people"... I hope that catches on.) You may observe this all on my facebook page, which I would hotlink to here but I don't want to be stalked by random people. You know, when we become famous.


*My cup of tea is usually a Venti.

Side Note: During the writing of this letter, Zemanta gave me the Dumbest Link Ever.

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