Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm back!

Hey, you. (we say it a lot, but it doesn't get old.)

As you already know and is evidenced by this letter, I am back from my getting-better stint at the local hospital. I am feeling rather okay now. Thank you lots for your support through that.

My dad brought me a printout of that image that you so lovingly drew, and I loved it (, loved it, no I don't care if...). It made me smile and actually do a little dance. Thank you, more than you could even guess at. E3- for that.

Otherwise, things have been going mostly well for me, although there are a couple new stresses. I'm going to get a TB test to verify I won't accidentally infect any old people before I start work at the nursing home. I'm really excited about this new job, I absolutely love old people. Even the ones with Alzheimer's have amazing stories to tell. I'll be sure to tell you all about it in future letters.

I now propose a new writing project! National Novel Writing Month is in November, but there are two reasons that might be a bad time.
1) It's during an extremely difficult school term for you.
2) It's really far away and I'm damned impatient.

Anyways, we've both had really good novel ideas in the past, so I propose Local Finishing Novels You've Abandoned In The Past Month. We can take our ideas and rewrite them to be complete, if not better (since we have to write really fast).

Most of our prior communication was cut off, so these two things are all I have to include in this letter. Please respond with your proposal for LoFiNoYoAbInPaMo, and perhaps we will get back to our regularly scheduled letter programming after that is sorted out. Woo!

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