Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8

Dear Chris,

Hey, you. I must say I've never really dealt with this issue in Italian restaurants. I usually go for some kind of pasta (not spaghetti, that's cheating) because I like it and because I also feel that getting pizza is kind of lame. I've never even realized you could order mac and cheese at Italian places... I do, however, concede that pizza is rather hard to make. I've also done it myself, in cooking class, of all places. I bet that's something you didn't know about me: I took a cooking class in high school, and made remarkably good pizza. Though, I'll admit that my accomplice in this task actually worked as a pizza maker and thus it was not too difficult. He also happened to share my penchant for pineapple, pleasingly. (A little too much alliteration?)

Anyway. I also prefer American pizza to its Italian counterpart. Call me dull, I don't care. I think nice soft crust and pineapple is about as good as it gets. Except for that one time at Pagliacci's with the gorgonzola-pear pizza. That was pretty spectacular.

So, to your proposals:

You know there is little I love more than sharing new (and usually pointless) words with people. You seem to enjoy them, so I'm more than happy to oblige. You rarely need a dictionary when you talk to me (I think...?), so you're already somewhat ahead of the curve! As we previously discussed, the word of the past few days has been "perspicacious". If you want another one on top of that, we'll go with "avocation", which I used in our earlier phone conversation. It essentially means the things you do outside your career, for no pay. Just the stuff you care about, y'know?

Cuddles: I am a big fan of them. I am practically a wind tunnel, that is the kind of fan I am of cuddles.

My hair is kind of ridiculous. I'm glad you like it, but I'll admit that sometimes I get a bit frightened of it. I've been cutting it shorter lately in an attempt to beat it back into submission, but I'm worried that it is resilient to my efforts. I've been keeping it from raw meat (or even vegetables), but I think it's slowly devouring my scalp as recompense. I'm fairly sure it's actually a symbiotic organism that attached itself to me early in life. I think I'm okay with that, too. It gives me personality at least. And you're nothing without quirks, am I right? Eh?

On the topic of hair, yours is much more reasonable and appears less likely to spontaneously stage a revolt and take over your body. It is also really, really amazing when you've just woken up. It defies gravity in some impressive ways. I must find some embarrassing pictures to post of it here sometime.

Anyway, I've responded to all your thoughts, and sadly don't really have any of my own. Perhaps another time. So I shall bid you adieu for now, and return to whatever else it is I am not really doing today.


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