Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey, you. I apologize like a thousand times for my lateness. Busy busy times lately, as you know.

So, I am very tired today. I got little sleep due to my early awakening via phone call... as well as my getting to bed late, via different phone call (yours). We've spent the last short while discussing what we like about each other, which is pretty great. Another thing I like about us is that we can do things like this: write letters to each other, despite our extremely frequent communication with each other.

To wit: I would prefer you find my rage against NPLs more adorable than alarming. Because, you know, I'd prefer to be considered adorable. Potentially alarmingly adorable, but not the other way around. I am also glad to see you agree with my thoughts on Serious Capitalization. It's a good way to get the Point Across without bothering with stuff like bold or italics.

You've made me miss Paper Towns. I've only read it once, and now that you have (and much more recently) I'm kind of thinking of re-reading it. I was planning on reading Harry Potter 6 again before I see the movie (whenever that might happen). I know you've already seen it, so you are just ahead of me in every way! (I almost tossed in an ":p" there, but it seemed a tad too informal).

I think I actually prefer your definition of Qanothersznxtfd. That is now the standard explanation. "Intimately familiar" indeed! The word may be somewhat ridiculously long, but it's nothing compared to the lengthy definition! So I guess that means it's overall pretty efficient. I'm still pretty fond of "defenestration" though, not gonna lie.

I would give the news of the day, but there really isn't any. I've hung about in IRC and I baked peach upside-down cake. And that is quite literally all. Oh, except I wrote a happy-birthday PM. That is the extent of my usefulness today. I am such a great contributor to humanity... Eh, I bet Gandhi had off days too. Wow, that's the second Gandhi reference I've made in two days. I'm odd.

So, I told you I wouldn't pester you about Bumbershoot anymore, and I'll do my best not to. I just think that would be pretty awesome. I'll be quiet about it now. Promise. BUT BUT TELEKINESIS COME ON THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.

...Okay. Seriously done now. Really.

Anyway, that's all from me. I apologize once more for the lateness. I guess epic four-day concert roadtrips are kind of distracting. You can't really blame me, I hope. I will be more prompt in future.


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