Thursday, July 16, 2009

Panhandling, etc.


Hey, you. I too apologize for the late post. As you clearly have experience with, it's easier to forget about letter writing when it's your turn to write. I would use a tongue-sticking-out emoticon, but I feel that is inappropriate in formal letters such as this (rather than IMs and texts). I also am sorry for the crazy/sad you have been experiencing of late -- at least this weekend will help you feel better!

First, your thoughts:
I'm not sure whether I should find he way you got so indignant about the closed-mindedness of non-pineapple lovers (or NPLs for short) adorable, terrifying, hilarious, or a sick cocktail of the three mixed by an expert Latino bartender with a goatee and a bowtie, who earns his tips by throwing drink shakers in the air with the proficiency of a juggling clown on stilts, and one of his ingredients is impressive rants, which is how he made that cocktail in the first place. However, i do agree that Imposing Capitalization is a Serious Issue which warrants its own Capital Letters.

I am, at this point, reminded of Paper Towns, in which the story's catalyst capitalizes the first letters of random words because proper capitalization laws are "unfair to the words in the middle." The personification of words is a dangerous practice which makes Scrabble experts such as ourselves feel like Dr. Frankenstein. On such a note, we should treat our scrabble words like human beings next time we play.

On the topic of Qanothersznxtfd, my preposal for an alternate definition is one with which we are intimately familiar: "When sleeping in the same room as someone, dreaming you are having a conversation with them so that you don't notice waking up, thereby introducing your conversational partner to the middle of a seemingly random sentence and confusing the hell out of both of you." It's a techincal definition that needs to be shortened, but I'm no dictionary editor. We do need a word for that scenario anyway.

I understand you've been sick for a few days, and am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Incidentally, I love how we can reference conversations we have with each other in letters we write to each other. It's like double communication.

The news of the day, then!

Ian and I went to the mall today, which has a Del Taco, the fineset fast food taco establishment ever established for fast food tacos. We did not have any money, so we mostly just went around the mall chatting and looking at stuff and sitting in Luv Sacs. However, we eventually became determined to get tacos, and went around asking random people if they would give us a dollar for tacos. We even went into a Hollister looking for taco money, and it's dark and dank and scary... it's like if the Mines of Moria were an overpriced clothing store that made men and women alike feel insecure.
Eventually, however, we did get our tacos. And it was satisfying.

We also got free food because it was Thursday, and during the summer there are food booths and free live music every Thursday at the mall. When you come here, make sure one of the days you spend here is a Thurz.

That's most of my thoughts for the day, and I look forward to your next letter, even though said letter probably won't arrive until Tuesday, sadface.


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